26th January 2017  - prospectus now available for our new MSc in Money, Banking and Central Banking

An unique MSc programme in the UK

In September 2017 the University of Buckingham will be offering a new MSc programme in Money, Banking and Central Banking in collaboration with the Institute of International Monetary Research. The programme is designed to offer specialised teaching to address all the changes introduced in banking and financial markets during the last global financial crisis, as well as the changes made by major central banks in the running of their monetary policies since then. Monetary analysis has been mainly disregarded in the years running up to the Global Financial Crisis and this contributed to high rates of growth of money which ultimately led to unsustainable economic growth and financial instability. Unlike any other programme in the UK this programme emphasises the importance of high quality monetary and banking analysis so we can assess those policies compatible with stable economic growth and financial stability over the long term. Expert knowledge of monetary economics and monetary policy, risk management and financial institutions is going to be of crucial importance to understand the world after the recent crisis. This programme aims to produce graduates with this specialised knowledge and the skills required for a career in central banking and finance, in particular in investment banking, as well as monetary analysis suitable to pursue a career in consultancy businesses, research departments and specialised media.

Students will be offered the option to take an examination and get the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) accreditation in financial risk management. In particular the students will be able to get the Associate Professional Risk Manager Certificate (Associate PRM Certificate).

Amongst other members of the staff, students will benefit from having professors Geoffrey Wood and Tim Congdon (Chair, IIMR) as members of the teaching team, both with a recognised career in this field and with experience in providing consultancy and expert advice at the highest governmental and political level in the UK. The programme directors have a well-established research record in monetary history and monetary economics: Dr Juan Castaneda is a lecturer in Economics at the University of Buckingham and IIMR Director. Dr Ali Kabiri is also a lecturer in Economics, as well as a research fellow of the Financial Markets Group (LSE).

You can download a copy of the prospectus here or if you would prefer a hard copy, please contact us via enquiries@mv-pt.org.

Further information can also be found on the University of Buckingham website

How to apply

Information on tuition fees, discounts and funding can be found on the tuition fees page:


For more information on how to apply please contact Sally Brown at +44(0)1280 820369 / sally.brown@buckingham.ac.uk

For further information on the MSc please contact the programme directors: Dr Juan Castaneda (juan.castaneda@buckingham.ac.uk), or Dr Ali Kabiri (ali.kabiri@buckingham.ac.uk)