IIMR 2018 Monetary Conference: “Did Milton Friedman matter to British economic policy? Does he still matter?

Contributors include Tim Congdon, Charles Goodhart, Adam Ridley, Michael Oliver, Geoffrey Wood and Tim Sanderson. More to be confirmed shortly. 13th November 2018 | 09:30-17.30

IIMR 2018 Public Lecture: By James Forder (Oxford University)

James Forder will be speaking on Milton Friedman's legacy.12th November 2018 | 18:30-20:00

The roles of central banks ten years after the global financial crisis

Have central banks done too much in the crisis? What is the role of a central bank in a modern economy? Should the central bank provide extra lending to a bank in need of liquidity, and if so, how should it? Ten years after the outbreak of the crisis, should central banks go back to ‘normal’? These are some of the key questions we will address in our discussion panel with two experts on the subject. 30th July 2018 | 15.45-17.15