History of Monetary Thought through the eyes of the Classics

By Pedro Schwartz

The institution of money is not at the centre of the research programmes of mainstream macroeconomics. In most models proposed by the profession money is inserted as an afterthought – if at all. This contrasts with the importance generally attributed to financial and monetary institutions when analysing the political economy of crashes such as the Great Recession and its aftermath. History can help remedy this contradiction. Since money is such an abstract institution the same problems recur across time and place, so that the study of past and present monetary theories will turn out to be surprisingly relevant in the present moments of perplexity.

16th July – 1st August

IIMR 2019 Public Lecture: By Robert Skidelsky (Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, University of Warwick)

Robert Skidelsky will be speaking on the current debate on the use of fiscal policy.

The Royal Automobile Club, London.

12th November 2019 | 18:30

IIMR 2019 Annual Conference: Monetary policy versus fiscal policy; which is best?

13th November 2019 at the IEA Headquarters, Westminster, London