13th November 2019 at the IEA Headquarters, Westminster, London

Order of the day

9.00 am Coffee and welcome

9.30 am Welcome – Juan Castañeda (University of Buckingham), Director of IIMR


Session 1 – Which one determines the major macroeconomic outcomes, fiscal policy or monetary policy?  

Chairperson: Charles Goodhart (LSE)

9.35 am – Tim Congdon (IIMR) – ‘Monetary Policy vs. Fiscal Policy: Which one determines the main macroeconomic outcomes?’

10.00 am – Dirk Ehnts (Technical University Chemnitz): ‘MMT – blessing or curse?’

10.25 am – Bill Robinson (KPMG): ‘A macroeconomic policy without fiscal activism in Britain (1976 – 2008); an assessment’.

10.50 am – Discussion

11.10 am – Coffee

Session 2 – Fiscal policy and macroeconomic stability

Chairperson:  Geoffrey Wood (University of Buckingham and Cass Business School)

11.30 am – José Manuel González-Páramo (BBVA): ‘How can fiscal policy contribute to price stability?’

11.55 am – Silvia Ardagna (Goldman Sachs): ‘Which fiscal policy? A rule-based approach’ 

12.20 pm – Paul de Grauwe (LSE): ‘Fiscal Policies in Booms and Busts’

12.45 pm – Discussion


13.15 pm – Tim Congdon and Juan Castañeda – Closing remarks and thanks to contributors

13.30 pm – Soft drinks available

End of formal proceedings of the conference



13:45 pm Lunch at the IEA