6th April 2020

With bank deposits in US banks continuing to rise at quite astonishing levels, our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon, has written a further note which suggests that US broad money growth could reach double digit levels during this year, triggering a significant rise in inflation. You can read his comments here.

02nd April 2020

IIMR on the news on the expected inflationary consequences of the economic policy responses to the coronavirus in the US. Higher inflation could allow governments to work off the debt mountains they are accumulating: Jeremy Warner, Assistant Editor of The Telegraph.

30th March 2020

On top of the usual monthly money note, our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon, has written this extra note about a significant upturn in bank deposits US banks, which suggest that broad money growth could be about to rise significantly, with the increased risk of significant inflation following in the longer term. You can read his comments here.

24th March 2020

IIMR in the news on the analysis of the policy responses to the coronavirus:

Letter: Bond investors’ concern is perfectly rationalFinancial Times

This letter was written by our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon. Full text here.

A global depression is avoidable, if we shun defeatism – The Telegraph

Article written by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Full text here.

26th February 2020

Dr. Juan Castañeda hosted a presentation on ‘Macroeconomic Forecasting: a Monetarist View’ at The University of Buckingham alongside the Buckingham Finance Society.

The presentation covered the fundamentals of money, prices and output, and gave an overview on the Quantity Theory of Money alongside examinations of real-world examples. The presentation also offered insight into how recent trends in money growth could affect economies in the future.

The presentation can be accessed here.

20th February 2020

Our Chairman, Professor Tim Congdon, gave a presentation on ‘Money in Macro Forecasts’ at Sheffield University.

The presentation showed how sharp fluctuations in the growth of real broad money
matter to the cyclical course of the economy.

The presentation can be accessed here.

7th February 2020

Our Director, Dr. Juan Castañeda, gave a presentation at Warwick University discussing ‘Have Central Banks Run Out of Ammunition? A Monetarist View’

The presentation examined the history of money creation before discussing The Quantity Theory of Money as an alternative theory to the standard message of Keynesian macroeconomics.

The presentation can be accessed here.