Postgraduate Certificate in Money, Banking and Central Banking

The new Postgraduate Certificate programme in Money, Banking and Central Banking is taught 100% online and is suitable for those already working. The programme focuses on the changes in the banking and financial markets during and since the Global Financial Crisis as well as the changes made by major central banks in the running of their monetary policies since then. Particular emphasis will be given to the policy responses given to Covid-19 crisis by governments and central banks and assessing their effects over the medium to the long term.

Banks and central banks play a pivotal role in ensuring that modern monetary economies function soundly. The 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis was a powerful reminder of how important it is to understand their functioning and operations, and the relationship between the quantity of money and the overall economy. The study of these institutions will be essential to assess the impact of the monetary and fiscal policies taken by leading world economies since March 2020.

Unlike any other programme in the UK, ours emphasises the importance of high quality monetary and banking analysis, allowing our students to assess which policies are compatible with stable economic growth and long term financial stability.

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