Date: 21st February 2019 | 14:00

Venue: Willowbank, Symposium room. University of Buckingham, Hunter street campus. Buckingham (MK18 1EG). UK

Here are some of the slide presentations from last month’s conference on the Eurozone

Juan Castaneda and Alessandro Rosselli – A measurement of asymmetry in the running of the classical Gold Standard

Juan Castaneda and Pedro Schwartz – The measurement of the optimality of a currency area

Lorenzo Codogno and Paul van den Noord – A safe asset and fiscal capacity for the Eurozone

Tim Congdon – The constitutional problems faced by a multi-government currency union in the “managed currency” era

Clemens Jobst  – Precedents of the Euro area?

Lars Jonung and Felix Roth –  Public support for the Euro and trust in the ECB

Eric Monnet – The flexibility of the classical Gold Standard (1870s – 1914) Uwe

Schollmeyer – Payment systems in a multinational currency union