% annual growth rate:

  M3 Nominal GDP
1988-2020 47.84% 45.85%
1991-2000 92.06% 85.41%
2001-2010 28.29% 21.87%
2011-2020 18.82% 15.74%
Sources: M3 from OECD database and nominal GDP from IMF database, as at February 2022. The medium-term relationship between money and nominal GDP growth in Turkey, 1988-2020 Five-year moving averages of annual % changes, with 1990 being the start of the first five-year period

Comment on monetary trends in Turkey

When the Ottoman empire, came to an end Turkey was a rather backward, mainly agricultural nation. 
The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey was established in 1931. It was
Turkish inflation has soared recently due to the orders from President Erdogan to keep interest rates low to boost exports