MSc Programme

The University of Buckingham’s MSc programme in Money, Banking and Central Banking is designed to offer specialised teaching in banking and financial markets which is particularly relevant given all the changes introduced during the last global financial crisis, as well as the changes made by major central banks in the running of their monetary policies since then.Unlike any other degree in the UK ours emphasises the importance of high quality monetary and banking analysis so we can assess those policies compatible with stable economic growth and financial stability over the long term.

Read below a few quotes from previous students on our MSc programme in conjunction with the University of Buckingham.

"The Money Banking and Central banking course has so far been phenomenal, I'm currently writing on Credit Risk models and the critical analysis from my lecturer has allowed me to think through the principles of the approaches used to measure credit risk. This has allowed me to apply some philosophy in understanding how well these models work and this is beyond just being taught a practical subject which is something I'm very pleased about as it allows for independent thinking and debunks some of the myths of the financial industry. The value brought by my lecturers is truly world class and the insights that they have of the industry is fist hand, limited to very few educational institutions. This insight is complimented by the small group lectures with a diverse demographic bringing in a student body with experience in Central Banking and Commercial Banking which has allowed me to learn a lot from their practical experiences and reason through some of the banking activities they carry out. So overall very please about the course and looking forward to the internship opportunities which are also offered post the degree."

Alakhiwe Ndlovu, Spring 2019

Though the MSc Program is new it s well structured and gives the students a unique view on the economic developments that have been taking place since the meltdown in 2008. Due to the Program being supervised by the IIMR the students are given many opportunities for various internships, not only in the institute but also the Bank of England, hence the students have more opportunities than the average MA student. Due to small groups, all question that might occur can and will be answered during but also after classes. The lectures always take their time to explain and help the students whenever it is required and due to the open office policy, no appointment is needed and question are normally answered immediately. I can only highly recommend the MSc to everyone who is interested in economics and banking.


Anna Bergmoser, Spring 2019

“As a mature student with almost 20-years’ experience in debt capital markets being not only lectured by but also receiving tutorial guidance from Tim Congdon was worth the price of admission alone. Meanwhile, Juan, Geoffrey and Brandon were not only superlative lecturers but obviously cared deeply about their subjects and this shone through in their tutorials. Having completed the inaugural MSC course and having attended the most recent IIMR conferences I feel as though I have been admitted to a most exclusive and moreover delightful club. Within a month of completing my course at Buckingham the dept cared enough to arrange an internship with a highly regarded City of London based financial services Think Tank; amongst my peers from other Universities this is almost unheard of.”


Andrew Dowie, Spring 2019

Professional Training Courses

The Institute also provides professional courses on Money and Central Banking, which can be tailored to your organisation. The courses are taught at a very high policy level by professionals and academics with many years of experience, including advisors to Parliaments and Central Banks in different jurisdictions. Amongst others: Tim Congdon (IIMR), Geoffrey Wood (University of Buckingham), Juan Castaneda (IIMR) and Forrest Capie (Cass Business School).


If you would like to apply for an internship with the Institute, please contact the Director, Dr Juan Castaneda.

Read below a quote from a previous intern.

“The overall experience of the internship was very positive. The projects I worked on allowed me to make good use of the theoretical and practical skills that I have learned in the class room. As an international student it also helped me to understand how monetary systems function in different parts of the world. I also really appreciated how flexible and helpful everyone at The Institute was.

Jorge Alejandro Mejia, Autumn 2018