Internships with the IIMR

Juan Castaneda speaking at the IEA and IIMR Internship programme 2022
Our Deputy Director, Juan Castaneda, discussed with 2022 interns about what monetarism is and how it is relevant to understand the current surge in inflation in leading economies

We have two types of internships available at the IIMR: one partnering with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in the summer term, and ongoing internships directly with us.

For the internships in collaboration with the IEA, please visit the IEA website.

If you would like to apply for an internship with our Institute directly, please contact the IIMR Director, Damian Pudner.

Read below some quotes from our previous interns.

"The internship at IIMR allowed me to gain first-hand experience in monetary analysis. It enriched my statistical and analytical skills as I got in grips with real-world data, which I believe was intellectually stimulating. While, working on the projects provided valuable insights about  economic policies in the world’s leading economies. The well organised internship programme allowed me to explore several aspects of monetary economics in a short stretch of time. The guidance from senior members at the Institute has truly inculcated values in me that will help me thrive in my career. This internship programme is perfect opportunity to enhance competencies which will help students succeed in their higher studies or career related to economics!"

Shivani Pradhan, January 2021

"I applied for the internship organized by the IIMR because I have always been curious about how economists conduct research projects, and the time I spent at the Institute gave me a glimpse of that world. During the internship I had the opportunity to apply macroeconomic and statistical concepts in very well organized and extremely professional academic research environment. Working for something real and meaningful was an exciting experience that helped me develop my analytic skills. I would highly recommend this internship to all students with a strong interest in Macroeconomy and quantitative analysis."

Gianluigi Narciso, September 2020

"The overall experience of the internship was very positive. The projects I worked on allowed me to make good use of the theoretical and practical skills that I have learned in the class room. As an international student it also helped me to understand how monetary systems function in different parts of the world. I also really appreciated how flexible and helpful everyone at The Institute was.

Jorge Alejandro Mejia, Autumn 2018

"Working at the IIMR was an excellent opportunity to develop my PR and marketing skills as it provided me a very collaborative, welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment. Throughout my internship as a communication assistant, I benefited greatly from the research events which were organised in collaboration with the Institute of Economic Affairs, where I had a chance to meet distinguished scholars, economists and researchers. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone who is interested in practising communications or enhancing their economic knowledge to apply here for an internship."

Secil Ozergan, January 2017

"The IIMR offers a unique chance to gain expertise in research techniques, and also with regards to the funding and development of organisations. The small size of the Institute guarantees constant contact and exchange with senior members of the institute and a comfortable atmosphere. This makes it not only a perfect place for young graduates for their first steps into professional life, but also maximises the gains from the experience. As an economics undergraduate, I especially appreciated the opportunity to conduct my own independent research project and the chance to eventually have it published, which could be a major deal-breaker for my early career-start"

Michael Millbrodt, February 2017