Roundtable discussion and information about our Masters and Postgraduate programmes

Wednesday 8th June 2022
IEA offices, Westminster, UK

On 8th June 2022, four eminent monetary economists will discuss the topic of inflation. At the same event, you can hear about IIMR's Masters and Postgraduate programmes. To register for the event, please scan the QR code in the image below, or visit this form

IIMR Money Webinar Series - Spring term 2022

Wednesday 18th, 25th May, and 1st June, 2022
18:00-19:00 UK time
On-line via Zoom
  • Wednesday 18th May: Bill Robinson, KPMG: "The current inflation episode in the UK. Lessons from the 1970's"
  • Wednesday 25th May: Charles Goodhart, Financial Markets Group, LSE: "Does the government debt accumulated by central banks since March 2020 matter? Could it just be removed from the central bank balance sheet?"
  • Wednesday 1st June: Lars Christensen, CEO & Founder, Markets & Money Advisory and Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School: "Who is to blame for the current inflation episode?"

Debate: predicting the future with economic theory?

Sunday 5th June, 2022
12:00 UK time
Arena of the 'HowTheLightGetsIn' festival terrain, just off Newport Street, Hay-on-Wye, Hereford, HR3 5BZ, United Kingdom

Director of the IIMR is panelist in a debate entitled 'Predicting the future', organised by the Institute of Art and Ideas. From their website: "Back at the beginning of 2021 inflation was not even a blip on the horizon. Average forecasts for the year were 'no change'. Economists and central banks forecast inflation at 2.2% in the US, 1.5% in the UK. The outturn was three times this level, the highest since the inflation crises of the 70s and 80s, threatening growth and living standards. At the beginning of this year, the same folk were forecasting falls for 2022. Now it looks as if it may reach 10%. Should we give up on the idea that economics is a science and instead see predictions as politically motivated or exercises in wish fulfillment? Can our economic models be refined so that they deliver accurate predictions of the future? Or is there something about mathematical economic models that fundamentally makes them incapable of predicting the unexpected? Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable, FT Journalist Izabella Kaminska and economic extraordinaire Juan Castaneda debate the possibility of predictions."

Talk: 'The relationship between money and inflation'

Wednesday 9th November 2022
University of Warwick, Oculus building

The director of the IIMR, Dr Juan Castañeda, will visit the Warwick Central Banking Society to give a talk on the relationship between money and inflation. Co-organisers are the Warwick Business School Society and the Warwick European Society.