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Check out our latest videos of our webinar series in money and banking, 2021. Lawrence White on 'Bitcoin and Gold Standards: Similarities and Differences': Professor Hans Werner-Sinn on 'The Economics of Target Balances': Ryland Thomas on 'The Bank of England as Lender of Last Resort in C19th': Professor Dimitrios Tsomocos on 'The role of money and default in macroeconomic modelling': Gabriel Stein on 'The economic and inflation outlook for 2021 and 2022': John Greenwood on 'The Hong Kong Monetary System: temporary fix or long term solution?':

IIMR Money Conference October 2020

Lecture 1: Lecture 2: Lecture 3:

Inflation: The Next Threat?

Watch our founder, Tim Congdon, and our Director, Juan Castaneda, discuss their IIMR/IEA joint report 'Inflation: the next threat?' in this IEA published video.