Our Founder and Chairman

Tim Congdon

Tim Congdon is one of the world’s leading monetary analysts. He advised the UK’s 1979 – 97 Conservative government on economic policy, serving as a member of the Treasury Panel (the so-called ‘wise men’, or ‘wise persons’ when a lady had been appointed) from 1992 to 1997. He is usually regarded as the UK’s leading exponent of the ‘monetarist’ school of thought, and was influential in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the defence of ‘Thatcherite monetarism’.

After starting his career as a journalist on The Times, he became an economist in the City of London in 1976. He founded the research consultancy, Lombard Street Research, in 1989 after correctly warning that the excessive money growth during the Lawson Chancellorship would lead to double-digit inflation. In his period on the Treasury Panel, he emphasised the importance of monetary variables in determining macroeconomic outcomes, and the difference between his approach to forecasting and that of other Treasury Panel members.

He left Lombard Street Research in 2005, to create more time to write about monetary theory and practice. Four significant works have appeared since then. In 2005 he published a long pamphlet on Money and Asset Prices in Boom and Bust and in 2009 a critique of the Bank of England’s conduct in the Northern Rock affair called Central Banking in a Free Society. In 2007 a collection of essays on Keynes, the Keynesians and Monetarism appeared in the UK and in 2011 another collection with the title Money in a Free Society was published by Encounter Books in New York.

In the macroeconomic bedlam of early 2009, he set up International Monetary Research Ltd. as a vehicle for commenting regularly on monetary developments and banking. Tim Congdon has been a successful businessman and investor, and is the founder and main patron of the Institute of International Monetary Research, as well as being its first Director. In January 2016, he handed over the Directorship to Dr Juan Castañeda and is now the Chairman of the Institute

Our Director

Juan Castañeda

A Doctor of Economics since 2003 (UAM University at Madrid) and lecturer in Economics at the University of Buckingham since 2012, Juan Castañeda has experience working and researching in monetary policy and central banking.

He has worked with the European Parliament’s Committee of Economic and Monetary Affairs and submitted written evidence for a UK Parliament report on the euro. He is an Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow in the faculty of finance (Cass Business School). He has been a visiting researcher at Cass Business School and the Centre of Monetary and Financial Alternatives at Cato, and lecturer at UNED University in Madrid. He has been awarded a Bank of Spain annual scholarship to develop research on monetary history, in particular on monetary policy and deflations in historical perspective, and has authored and edited academic books and research articles on the economic crises, monetary policy and central banking. He is the review editor of Economic Affairs, and has been a columnist of Expansion and of several online papers and sites. 

He has released a new book (co-edited with Geoffrey Wood and David Mayes), ‘European Banking Union. Prospects and Challenges’ with Routledge (2016)

In 2017, Juan he was appointed as “External Expert” in Economics of COST, the European Cooperation in Science and Technology Agency (COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020). Since September 2018, he has also been a member of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Shadow Monetary Policy Committee.

Juan can be contacted on juan.castaneda@buckingham.ac.uk

Senior Administrator

John Petley

John Petley joined Tim Congdon at International Monetary Research Ltd in 2011 after working as a political researcher in the European Parliament.

He read music at Oxford and has written two books on political issues. Besides handling the Institute’s finances, he is responsible for updating the money numbers on the website.

Operations Manager

Gail Grimston

Gail has extensive administrative experience in the educational sector and has been an Office Manager in previous roles for over 10 years. Now managing the Institute’s office, answering enquiries from the website and also organising events and seminars.

Gail can be contacted on gail.grimston@buckingham.ac.uk

Social Media & Website Officer

Kwende Blair-Ford

Kwende joined the Institute of International Monetary Research in 2019.

He is currently studying and undergraduate Business Enterprise at the University of Buckingham. He has previous experience in the retail industry.

Development Officer

Sophie Sandor

Sophie joined the Institute of International Monetary Research in 2019. 

She is a writer and film director, formerly Assistant Producer at Martin Durkin’s WagTV, maker of Brexit: The Movie and Margaret: Death of a Revolutionary. Prior to that she was Programmes Manager at the Institute of Economic Affairs and Research Associate at the Adam Smith Institute.