Professional Training Courses

The Institute provides customisable and bespoke professional courses on Money and Central Banking, which can be tailored to suit the specific needs, strategy, and culture of your organisation. The courses are taught at a very high policy level by professionals and academics with many years of experience, including advisors to Parliaments and Central Banks in different jurisdictions. Amongst others: Tim Congdon (IIMR), Geoffrey Wood (University of Buckingham), Juan Castaneda (Vinson Centre), Damian Pudner (IIMR) and Forrest Capie (Bayes Business School).

Specialised teaching on particular countries’ economies, both developed and emerging, can be provided. The structure of the courses include 3-4 hours of seminar sessions in the morning and discussion sessions in the afternoon, where the attendees will be discussing case studies related to their economies. Some of the topics we cover include: Monetary Policy and Development; Central Bank Communication to the Public; Central Bank Independence; Monetary Policy and Financial Stability - Central Bank Policies in a Banking Crisis; Money, Inflation and Nominal Income; and Bank Regulation and Supervision.

The courses are run at the Institute’s premises at the University of Buckingham and can include accommodation and catering on campus; or alternatively they can be delivered worldwide at your organisation. The courses are developed in partnership with you and can be run over 2-10 days, depending upon your requirements and the topic of the course.

To book or enquire, please email  or telephone +44 (0)1280 827524.