Staff research

Our staff publish regularly in academic journals and in edited volumes of monetary economics and monetary policy, the details of which can be found here

Research papers

The Institute also publishes a research paper series. The papers are written mostly by the Institute’s staff and members of the economics department at the University of Buckingham. However, contributions from outside the Institute and the University of Buckingham may sometimes be welcome. In particular, the Institute publishes a version of any guest lectures given under its auspices. Further, it is keen to promote the writing-up of seminar and conference papers.

Research papers can be accessed here and available for download in PDF format.

Monthly monetary update

Each month, we normally produce a summary of money trends in the world’s leading economies along with an accompanying video. The current update can be accessed here.

Conference Papers

The Institute of International Monetary Research organises occasional conferences on the subjects of money and banking (See our events page for details of future events.) Papers from past conferences can be accessed here.