News 2022

17th May 2022

The Financial Times published a letter from Professor Tim Congdon, Chair of our Institute, in which he stated that the real cause of inflation is the dramatic jump in the money supply during 2020.

13th May 2022

Professor Tim Congdon, Chair of our Institute, was mentioned by the Money Week on-line magazine in an article by Max King.  The article, entitled The inflation scare will fade" claims that inflation may not persist as long as some experts expect, particularly if central banks tighten monetary policy and cause the growth in the quantity of money to crash. 

6th May 2022

Professor Tim Congdon, Chair of our Institute, was mentioned in an article by Terry Corcoran in the Financial Post, a Canadian on-line magazine. Entitled "Modern Monetary Failure", the article mentions how  Tim was warning about inflation  in the spring of 2020 and now that this prediction is being fulfilled, he is now warning that high inflation in the US could persist until 2025 and will inevitably be followed by a recession - and all because central bankers have failed to take any notice of the money supply.

29th April 2022

Online economics magazine and resource base EconLib posted an article about "The man who was correct" about predicting no inflation after the expansionary monetary policies in 2008, yet inflation after such policies in 2020, with an honorable mention of Professor Tim Congdon, Chair of our institute. You can read the article here.


23rd February 2022
Professor Tim Congdon, Chair of our Institute, is mentioned in the Financial Times as a well-known monetarist who predicted the current surge in inflation in Spring 2020, based on monetary analysis. In addition, the article refers to IIMR's Annual Lecture, delivered by Lord Mervyn King last November, as an 'outstanding lecture'.
The same article also appeared in Ruetir, though without graphs and links.

11th February 2022
IIMR's chairman Tim Congdon warns in an article in the Times that Central Banks now should not contract money supply too much, as it might lead to a gruesome recession next year.

8th February 2022
Shadow Monetary Policy Committee votes to increase base rate by 75 basis points to 1%. You can read the minutes of the IEA's Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (January 2022), including the votes and comments by our Chairman, Tim Congdon, and Director, Juan Castaneda.

7th February 2022
The Critic has recently published an article by IIMR's Chairman Professor Tim Congdon. Tim argued that we can expect inflation between 5% and 10% which could last for most of the next two years. You can read the article on

29th January 2022
IIMR's chairman Professor Tim Congdon is mentioned in a Seeking Alpha article, written by Scott Sumner. Scott argues that although traditional monetarists correctly warned that excessive money growth would trigger high inflation, he does not believe that this will lead to a revival of monetarism. You can read the article to see why.

27th January 2022
The Spanish newspaper Libre Mercado has just published a piece (in Spanish) on the IIMR, with an interview with its founder -Professor Tim Congdon- and its director -Juan CastaƱeda-: The founder of the think tank who predicted the inflationary crisis thinks that inflation will be over 5%.