News 2022


26th January 2022

The video recordings of the conference of the 21st of July 2021 are now available:


24th January 2022

Now available, a Summer internship, aimed at undergraduates, in collaboration with the Institute of Economic Affairs. See under "Residential future thought leaders' internship programme".


19th January 2022

Now released, the video recordings of IIMR's Annual Conference, held at the Buckingham University on the 1st of December 2021. The conference topic was “Will more inflation follow Covid-19? And what does that say about contemporary economics?”:


18th January 2022

Tim and Juan held a round-table discussion on the topic "Inflation: what's next?" at the Institute of Economic Affairs:


14th January 2022

The chairman of our institute, Professor Tim Congdon, has recently argued in an article in The Daily Telegraph that a reduction in the rate of money growth to under 5% a year is a condition – indeed, a necessary condition – for restoring a low annual inflation rate of about 2%. See "Labour created a bank that doesn't undertand inflation".


13th January 2022

Global inflation - transitory or persistent? IIMR's chairman Tim Congdon will be panelist in a session addressing that question, at the SPE online conference on Wednesday 9 February 2022, entitled "The Challenges of Change". For more information, see SPE's website.


12th January 2022

The video recording of the webinar with Steve Hanke is now available. Steve discusses alternative regimes to fight inflation in emerging economies:


10th of January 2022

Out now: the video recording of IIMR's Annual Lecture, given in 2021 by Lord Mervyn King on the 23rd of November, including the full and official transcript.

Transcript: Annual public lecture 2021, Lord King